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G59 is the regulation surrounding the connection of any form of generator device to run ‘in parallel’ or ‘synchronised’ with the mains electrical utility grid (National Grid). The regulation has its roots in Ofgem rules, and is administered as the Energy Networks Association Engineering Recommendation G59/2-1 “Recommendations for the connection of generating plant to the Distribution System of Licensed Distribution Network Operators – Amendment 1”.

This is relevant for all power generation, including biomass, micro CHP, wind turbines, combined heating and power units as well as generators being used for peak-lopping, or grid parallel use, greater than 16A per phase. For anything below this the Engineering recommendation G83/1-1 applies.

Fully qualified G59 testing specialists

Brigstowe Electrical Services Ltd are qualified to conduct all DNO witness tests on all renewable energy sources where a G59/3-1 relay is required (i.e. hydro, wind turbine, biomass, solar PV, generators etc.)

G59/3-1 testing has to be completed by a qualified engineer and the DNOs have a duty to ensure that where embedded generation is connected to their network; G59/3-1 parameters are complied with.

Companies can face large penalties if they fail to follow the G59/3-1 requirements. All manufacturers G59/3-1 relay set ups are different.

The G59/3-1 tests need to take place on the client’s site as the nominal voltage will be site specific and the parameters for the above tests will be set according to that nominal voltage.

G59/3-1 Relay Testing is also known as the G59 Test and must also be carried out by a G59 tester.

After each test we will issue a test sheet signed by our test engineers and the DNO protection engineer (if needed).

The sheet contains details required by the DNO according to Engineering Recommendation G59/3.
For G59 testing services in Bath, get in touch with Brigstowe Electrical Services. 

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