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solar PV panels

Installation of solar PV panels in Bath

For the installation of solar PV panels in Bath, get in touch with the professional and reliable team from Brigstowe Electrical Services. 
Domestic solar panels

Domestic solar panels

Fitting a solar system at your home immediately turns your house into a personal power station.

Once the system is fitted it immediately starts to produce electricity. Your home stays connected to the national grid so any excess electricity you produce is pumped straight back into the grid.

On average, you should generate enough electricity to cut your electric bill by approximately a third.

This will immediately increase your green credentials as you will be reducing your carbon emissions.

An average solar system is installed within 2 days. There is little disruption inside your home.

Call Brigstowe Electrical Services to arrange your solar PV installation in Bath.
Commercial solar panels

Commercial solar panels

Brigstowe Electrical Services has a wealth of experience in solar photovoltaic technology, and we install the latest technology that will benefit your business. We have worked with commercial clients across the United Kingdom who are now benefitting from turning roof spaces into assets that are using sustainable solar electricity and reducing costs. Our solar PV installations include the best available equipment, panels and mounting systems in the world ensuring that your businesses can start seeing real returns in as little as two weeks with no disruption.
A rooftop solar panel installation will enable your business to take control over the electricity bill and achieve savings of up to 60 per cent on daytime costs.

Our dedicated, professional solar PV installation experts have completed thousands of rooftop solar panel installations across the United Kingdom. We will work in close partnership with your business to plan and implement the most efficient and highest performing solar installation.

Solar panels mounted on a domestic building

All the following conditions must be observed:

  • Panels should be sited, so far as is practicable, to minimise the effect on the external appearance of the building and the amenity of the area.
  • When no longer needed for microgeneration panels should be removed as soon as reasonably practicable.
  • All the following limits must be met:
  • Solar panels installed on a wall or a pitched roof should project no more than 200mm from the wall surface or roof slope.
  • Where panels are installed on a flat roof the highest part of the equipment should not be more than one metre above the highest part of the roof (excluding the chimney).
  • Equipment mounted on a roof must not be within one metre of the external edge of the roof.
  • Equipment mounted on a wall must not be within one metre of a junction of that wall with another wall or with the roof of the building.
  • The panels must not be installed on a listed building or on a building that is within the grounds of a listed building.
  • The panels must not be installed on a site designated as a scheduled monument.
  • If the building is on designated land (national park, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, conservation area or World Heritage site) the equipment must not be installed on a wall or a roof slope which fronts a highway.
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Commercial solar planning permission

In many cases installing solar panels on non-domestic land is likely to be considered ‘permitted development’ with no need to apply to the council for planning permission. In practical terms, this means any install, which is below 50kW and meets the relevant criteria. There are, however, important limits and conditions, which must be met to benefit from the permitted development rights (see below).

Non-domestic land for the purposes of these permitted development rights is broad and can include businesses and community buildings.
You may wish to discuss with the local planning authority for your area whether all of the limits and conditions will be met.


Solar PV has now become affordable to the masses with system costs dropping to an affordable level that is underpinned by the government backed Feed in Tariff (FiT) initiative. Visit the Energy Saving Trust for a full explanation of how the FiT’s work.

Most properties, whether they be a house or a factory do not need planning permission to install a system due to the relaxation of the planning rules and the national and local commitment to providing individuals and company’s every opportunity to reduce energy bills and earn money from the FiT’s scheme.


Solar panels have no moving parts therefore require very little maintenance. Your panels are fitted by our employed and skilled work force. We will repair any damage or potential leak around your new system. The panels are fixed close to the existing roof coverings so wind damage is not an issue. Roof panels are covered under our insurance policy.
For solar PV panel installation in Bath, contact Brigstowe Electrical Services. 
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